Move Over Monday: Leaving the Excuses at the Door!

Do you find yourself making excuses that you can’t do something whether it be because you don’t have time or that it’s too hard. Maybe you down play your goals or makes goals to accomplish something you have never even tried before. This week we are going to talk about how we talk to ourselves in our heads, but if you talk to yourself out loud more power to you! This is a no judgment zone.


I am going to leave the excuses and the “I Can’t” at the door. I can and WILL do all things through Christ. I spend too much time thinking of what it would be like if I was stronger or more disciplined. All it takes is doing! Without putting in the work evolving and growing is impossible. I will remind myself every time I think I can’t that I CAN even if it isn’t perfect.

Tip of the week

When negative thoughts creep in have affirmations on deck. Keep these in the notes on your phone for easy access and refer to them as needed! Below are a few examples….

My possibilities are endless.

My thoughts become my reality.

I am limitless and anything is possible.

I strive for progress. Not perfection.

Food For Thought

Why do we say we can’t do things that we have never tried before? I am so bad at saying that I can’t cook when in all actuality I just don’t try because I AM LAZY! I made a whole Thanksgiving dinner that came out really good so clearly I CAN cook. Practicing leaving the self limiting beliefs behind and looking at things as “I am going to do this” and the worst thing that could happen is I need practice or I find other things I am good at. We CAN do all things that we set our minds to!

Good Reads

Okay so I’m cheating and continuing with the book from last week because it is just that good! Do This For You by Krissy Cela has a really great chapter on overcoming the common excuses we use when it comes to doing things that we find daunting. This book is a must read if you are wanting to get into a healthier lifestyle as it focuses on working on yourself inside and out.

Verse of the Week

A cheerful spirit is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Proverbs 17:22

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