Move Over Monday: Small Actions

Happy Monday! This is our first real Move over Monday post! yay!!! So I will start off by saying I know it is Monday night, but one of my goals is to remain consistent no matter what, so here we are. This week we are focusing on just that consistency in our resolutions for the new year. Instead of hitting them head on we are taking small steps. I hope you like this week’s post!


This week I will make small actions towards my goals. Small actions reap big rewards and I want achieve my goals and intentions. Taking on smaller pieces of your greater goal can be less intimidating and lead to you achieving more of your goals.

Tip of the week

Anytime you are overwhelmed with your day, goals, or tasks write these feelings down on paper. Read them back and then break down what is overwhelming you into small bite sized portions.

Food For Thought

Why is it so hard for us to stay on top of our New Year’s resolutions? For me I’m coming to find that I like to go balls to the wall in the beginning. Then when I fall of I beat myself up and never get back on the horse. What if we looked at resolutions like a chapter in the book of 2021 and the smaller more achievable steps as the paragraphs in just one chapter of a book with many chapters.

Good Reads

Do This for You a book by Krissy Cela comes out this week. In her book she discusses how to build and maintain your best life. Focusing in on attainable habits that are done consistently and focusing on balance not perfection. The point is that you grow stronger and more confident from the inside out.

Verse of the week

“But as for you, be strong and do not lose courage, for there is reward for your work.”

-2 Chronicles 15:7

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