Styling Your Fall Pieces In The Summer

Hey there!!!

Are ya’ll ready for fall like I am? I just want to cuddle up in a sweater and get all cozy with a hot cup of pumpkin spice something lol. In today’s post I am going to give you some tips on how to jump start that fall feeling we are all wanting in this hot weather! Unless you currently live somewhere where it is not 100 degrees outside, if you do I am jealous and want to come visit. Anyways lets get to the tips!

My first tip is to wear that jacket girl! Now don’t go putting it on sleeves and all, wear it over your shoulders. Wearing your jackets over your shoulders gives you a very chic look and a little bit of a breeze. Plus if you want shade from the sun it’ll do that too!

Second wear leather, now I don’t mean leather leggings, but hey there are some cute leggings out there that look like they are leather, and are just a regular legging. Those on a night out may not be as bad due to the sun being down and all! Also you can always get a leather skirt, your legs are mostly out and you still look edgy and cute while not being too hot!

Lastly find cute sweaters that have short sleeves and pair with your favorite summer skirts or shorts. It is a plus if they are also on the thinner side. I love doing this because it allows me to utilize what I have in my closet in different ways. Allowing me to feel like I have a new outfit on and I didn’t even need to spend extra money on it!

Comment below what your favorite thing about fall is!

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