Finding your productivity

Happy Monday Guys and Gals!

This weeks move over Monday is all about taking the right steps on the weekend to set you up for success during the week. Being that it is back to school for a lot of people, making small changes to your routine can really make a positive impact for your week. Below are three steps I took this weekend that will hopefully make my life easier as the week goes by!

The first thing I would recommend is to add one thing into your weekend that you wouldn’t usually make a priority, but if you did it may make that Monday move a little smoother. For me this week mine was to have my meals written out for the week. I know it seems that everyone usually does this, but I didn’t have time to meal prep so I went ahead and added my meals to my calendar so that at least I know exactly what I wanted to have planned. This is something I usually would have said “no its okay i’ll just know it for later and ill make my food tomorrow.” When I do this I usually end up wasting a lot of my groceries because I get lazy.

My second recommendation is to plan your outfits if not for the week at least for the next day. This will cut a step out in the morning and make it effortless when it comes to getting ready. So I would lay it all out down to the shoes, that way I don’t have to take the extra time I could be using on making my morning smoothie to pick out my shoes.

Lastly just take some time for yourself, and I mean just for you. Don’t make Sunday night plans because you feel like if you don’t have dinner with that one friend you haven’t seen in a week you aren’t being social enough. Just stay in and binge watch a new how you have never seen on Netflix. I always have trouble with this one because I always feel like I don’t have a life so the moment someone wants to do something I’m down.  Its okay to have free time and just sit around. If you didn’t you would, just like I do, think that you never do anything for yourself.

At the end of the day small changes to your mindset and your actions can make a big impact on how much time you have during the week that you can use on other things.

Leave a comment below and let me know how you like to get ready for the week!

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