Move Over Monday: Fighting That Lonely Feeling

Happy Monday everybody!!

I have really liked doing these Move over Monday posts and I hope you all are enjoying them. For me these posts are a way to kind of use this outlet as a diary to help myself stay motivated and push past the Monday woes. While also letting others out there know that they are not alone in the things that they may be feeling. We are taking our Mondays back together every week and making our weeks more productive and positive!

In today’s post I wanted to bring up the topic of loneliness. I tend to find myself being lonely for absolutely no reason at all. If there is nothing going on in my weekend and I get on my Instagram and everyone else looks busy I immediately get somewhat envious. I then have to go through a thought process of why the heck am I feeling this way and take action.

I know that others may get these same feelings and these feelings can consume you and turn what was once a weekend of opportunity into one of sulking. This can bleed into the start of your week and just turn into days of gloominess. I am going to give you a few of the things I try to do to overcome these thoughts and feelings.

The first one being to try and unplug from social media. Everything on social media for the most part is curated content that others strategically post online. If you can’t get that through to yourself then taking a step away on those weekends you have little to nothing to do may be a good idea.

Second do things that you have been wanting to do but always so you don’t have the time to. I know that I am usually out of the house all day during the week and when I am home I need to prepare and get ready for the next day. Doing this has made me fall off the face of the earth when it comes to new television shows that come out. This weekend when I was feeling lonely I decided to finish watching Insecure on HBO.  And when I say finish I mean I binge watched the entire second season. I recommend taking those off days that you may hardly ever get and just binge watch some TV.  You’ll be so happy you did and even though you weren’t productive at least you were happy!

Third and last reach out to others! Even if they are busy and can’t physically hang out with you text them. Ask your friends how there weekend is going and then maybe that conversation can lead to activity or to just putting a smile on your face. I have always struggled with initiating texts and I’m sure others do too. When we all think this way it just leaves us alone and without anyone to talk to. So just pick up the phone and be the initiator the worst thing that could happen is nothing at all and is that really the worst?

Guys at the end of the day being alone doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Those of you reading this that love to be alone are probably like “I knew this already and you’re just late to the party” but I am the type that loves to talk and be around others so I struggle with this. In hindsight loneliness is relative so chose the ladder and take it as a blessing. Lord knows I always wish I was sitting around doing nothing when I have busy days ahead.

I hope that this helps those of you who feel lonely to overcome it and not let it bleed into your week. Feelings are the worst because they can linger and have an effect for days. Lets fight that Monday blues before it even hits!!

Comment below what your favorite show to binge watch when you have time to!

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