Summer Trends

So with all the new trends this summer I decided why not share my favorite with you all!

As everyone knows off the shoulder anything is so hot right now! I can honestly profess that I am falling in line with this awesome trend, it is so flattering on so many body types.Plus it hides that stubborn part of the body every girl hates!! (ARMPIT FAT)

I can honestly say that I am loving tie up anything! This trend is just so cool and adds just a little bit of dimension to your outfit so you don’t just look like a a cardboard cutout. One thing that is unfortunate about this type of shirt/dress/skirt is that if it doesn’t fit well you can end up looking like your wearing a sac.

Last but certainly not least is the lace up shoe, whether is be a sandal or a heal. I know this trend makes us all look like we are from the ancient Greek times but I’m not complaining! These just have a way of making your leg look so slim and who doesn’t want to look like they have nice legs?

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  1. I can’t find an off the shoulder top that fits right without falling off! Where did you get yours?


    1. Unfortunately I can’t find a link for the one I have but if you find one that has the arms and shirt part attached as one, so that it fits more snug. I found that the ones that have the arms separate tend to fall more. I hope that makes sense!

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  2. modernlaundrie says:

    Love this post! Thank you❤️


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