What you should be doing to get this years trends for less!

Hi all!! I hope your Monday is going well. Today I wanted to bring to you one of my favorite places to pick up this season trends. I have been seeing these cute outfits on Instagram and they have all been really inspiring but when I go to find the clothing they do not fit…

Spring Style

Hey there hope you all are doing well! Here is an outfit from last week that I just absolutely loved and it was under $100!  I am currently into the patch work and oversized sleeve trends. I just love how this top captures both of them in a realistic fashion. This outfit is definitely doable…

Summer Trends

So with all the new trends this summer I decided why not share my favorite with you all!

This weeks OOTW!

Hey there! So this week I decided that I would round the week out with a post of my favorite outfit I’ve worn this week! I will be adding links so that if anyone is interested they may purchase the things I wore. I hope you like it!

My Top 5 Favorite Shoes for Summer

This summer there are a lot of new trends coming out, such as the pom pom gladiator sandal, cute but just not all that practical! (especially if your in New York for the summer) For me personally those kind of sandals would fall apart after the first week if not by my own faults at…