Move Over Monday

Hey there! It is 2021, the start of a new year allowing for new opportunities and a clean slate. One thing I really enjoyed in the past (aka 2019) was writing these Move over Monday posts. I was terrible at staying consistent and the idea of writing a post was daunting. To make things easier on me as well as less time consuming for you, I have split this post into 5 pieces. Each section will work together to help you fight that Monday blues and power through your week! In today’s post I go through what you will expect to see from each section. I would love if you would comment or DM me on Instagram/FB any feedback or suggestions for what you would like to see on future posts. I’m excited to share these posts with y’all and can’t wait for you to see whats to come!


In this sections I will be talking about what my focus for the week will be. Honing in on something that I’m not the best at, for example having patience. I will be detailing what I will do to be more intentional about my opportunities. My hope is that I could encourage you to do the same!

Tip of the week

In this segment I will be sharing a tip that can help you power through your week. Whether it’s a tip to stay motivated, organized, or even a fashion tip.

Food for thought

Here I will share a topic that has been on my mind. This section is more of a conversation starter. I’ll share my thoughts and I would love it if y’all gave your own opinions and feedback to the topic at hand!

Good Reads

I want to share more things for us to read that will allow us to stop mindlessly scrolling through social media. I’ll be sharing any books or blog posts that I’ve read recently here!

Verse of the week

As I work on growing my own relationship with God I would like to share a verse with y’all weekly. This verse will align with all of the other topics in hopes to send you into a great week!

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