Feeling lost in your style?

Hey Friend!!

As we all navigate through this new season in our lives due to the pandemic. I sit here thinking has my personal style been lost? It is easy to get stuck in a mundane place as far as your style goes when you are stuck in the house the majority of the time. The truth is style is not lost it adapts and evolves the same as we do. I got stuck in this rut because I was recently laid off from my corporate job and took this time to rest and take a step back from the overwork that I was putting myself through. This abundant shift had me enjoying my lounge clothes, which for me consists of big t shirts and sleep shorts, and not taking the time to get ready because there is nothing to get ready for.

As time passed I found myself not wanting to wear what was in my closet because while some of it I just didn’t like. Much of my clothes are not equipped for the Texas summer heat. I have blazers, long sleeved blouses, and jeans. My wardrobe was not ready for stay at home all day but feel good time. This is definitely not me advocating for getting rid of everything and starting over because hello I am currently unemployed and that wouldn’t be responsible. With that being said I am going to share with you my tips on how I am overcoming this temporary slump in my style because lets be honest if we don’t feel like our usual selves we lack the desire to move forward.

Identify what you are willing to wear now

If you have looked in your closet and thought “its too hot to wear this” and “I don’t want to sit around the house in that all day”. Pick out the things that you were most comfortable in and felt you looked the best in when you wore them to work. For me this consisted of pants that were lighter weight in fabric, and looser fitting dresses and tops. Once you have done that put those items in the section of your closet that you will reach for the most or you can store away the remaining clothes you are not currently using until you need them again. This way you will have only items you know you are willing to wear and will feel less inclined to think you have nothing cute to wear at all.

Pairing work wear with lounge wear

From the items you chose from the above step think of pairing these items with your favorite t-shirt or even sweatshirt. Combining your comfortable work attire with casual pieces make for a more elevated street style look. You’ll be comfortable but you’ll look super trendy and stylish.

Purchase more universal clothing

In most cases you will have the urge to buy new items to add to your wardrobe. Although this is a great option so you have items you can wear now while you are home. Really think about how the new stuff you are buying will work with your wardrobe once you are back at work and only have the off days to wear your more casual clothes. I suggest you buy items that will work both ways such as rompers, oversized cotton button downs, light weight fabric pants with elastic waist bands, and dresses. These items can easily be dressed up with heels, a blazer, and some cute accessories so that they are appropriate for work.

Below are some examples of how I have utilized these tips with my own wardrobe! Please comment below how you have switched things up with you current wardrobe and style during these unprecedented times. I would love to hear all about it!

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