Surrounding Yourself With Positivity!


Hey there and happy Monday!

Today’s Move over Monday post is all about surrounding yourself with positive reminders that you can come across on a daily bases. These small reminders can help you when your not feeling your best or just need a small pick me up! I am sharing with you two ways I like to keep positive reminders around me on a daily basis.


Journals/ Planners
Photo provided by LUM3N

If you are always planning and writing things down whether it be for work or for personall use, then this is probably the best way to surround yourself with little positive pick me ups. Below are my favorite journals and planners that have great quotes and sayings to help make your days a little more productive and positive.

  •  Day Designer – This planner have quotes from motivational people in every day of the planner you can get the full sized version on or you can find a smaller style at Target.
  • Golden Coil – This is a site where you can create your own personalized planner/notebook and it allows you to chose from motivational, spiritual, productive, or positive quotes to add into your pages.
  • Marshall’s – They always have really cute notebooks and planners with motivational quotes and sayings and they are usually less than $10



Clothing/ Accessories

Finding shirts or even cute little bags with positive messages on them can really be a great small reminder to stay uplifted. Having a cute graphic tee like the one I am wearing in this photo can really put you in a better mood when you come across it in your wardrobe. This shirt was only $10 and you can find it here.  I love that it reminds me to enjoy the moment now and not dwell to much on the future.

I hope you find this easy reminder helpful! You can always add a little bit positivity to everyday will small changes. Always remember its the small changes that make a big impact overtime!

Leave a comment below of  your favorite ways are to stay positive I would love to have more ideas!

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