Questions To Ask Yourself If You Are Dreading The Start Of The Week



Hi there!

I know it has been a little while since my last post but you know life gets in the way and knocks you off of the horse. Although there is no excuse not to do things that you strive to do, but sometimes its hard to get your routine back when you get out of it.

This Monday I came across a couple of my regular podcasts that I listen to and today they both really had me questioning some thoughts that I fall victim of. You know the thoughts like “if only i had enough time,” or “why don’t I just actually do the things that I want to do.”  These podcast inspired today’s “Move Over Monday” post. I was thinking that if these questions that these podcasts brought to me could help someone else evaluate themselves then why keep it to myself. Read on if your interested to know what questions I am going to start asking myself if I am having a slow start to my week!


What motivates you to do the things that inspire you?

I was listening to the Elevation Church podcast episode “I’ve Changed My Mind”. This episode brought to light the question of what motives do I have when doing things. Although this episode says that your motives can limit the grace you receive from God and you should live for the glory of our father this outlook can apply to those who do believe and those who don’t. Are you doing something because you want people to like you, or because you want to impress others. Having motives like this are limiting to all of the things that you are capable of. You are capable of more than just being liked you are capable of making an impact in this world. So next time you think about why you haven’t gotten as far as you want in your goals and your life ask yourself what is your motivation to do what you are doing.

Why do you never have time to achieve your goals?

Listening to Cara Alwill Leyba’s podcast “Style Your Mind” episode 114. She speaks about you not being able to have the time or tools to do things that you want. She says to look at the time you do have and the tools you can use. Find the small bits of time in your schedule and use that! I always complain about not having time, but hey although I don’t get home until 7 I have at the very least 3 hours everyday to complete one task. You don’t need to have that one day with 5 available hours  to complete all of your tasks show up everyday and do a little at a time and guess what you’ll get it done!

These two questions have been on my mind all day and have brought to light for me  different perspective of my goals and the things I am doing in my life. I hope they help you discover whether you should make a shift in your motives and mindset!

Have a great week and I’ll talk to you all in my next post!

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