5 Tips for Beating The Long Weekend Funk!

Hey beautiful people!!

I hope you all enjoyed your long Labor Day weekend. Mine was pretty relaxing and uneventful but I did watch the new Netflix movie “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” like 100 times! If you haven’t seen it your missing out. Anyways I am finding that this weekend has totally screwed with my routine and I am not having it. That’s is why I wanted to share with you all 5 quick ways to come back from a long weekend feeling ready to take on anything.

  1. Make Monday count : So I know Monday falls into the weekend and we all go crazy. So instead of looking at it as another day to be unproductive make it a get work done at home day. Plan those meals and clean the house. Don’t look at it as an extra day look at it as an opportunity to have a full 2 day weekend and take advantage of the extra day to prepare for the week. If you need to incentivize yourself you could always set aside money that you would make at work to pay yourself to get the things you need to get done done!
  2. Don’t stress : We all tend to stress when there is one less day in the week to get work done at the job. Remember everyone is a little off and it’s not just you so don’t over think mistakes and just trick through them!
  3. Sleep is Key : Try going to sleep earlier than usually. This can help especially if you had an eventful weekend. Getting a little extra Z’s before your start of the week can help you wake up at the time you usually would.
  4. Don’t worry about food! : So you didn’t have time to meal prep because you were too busy having fun. Don’t worry about it, definitely try to eat mindfully. But if you have to get healthier options by getting lunch then what the hey it’s just for a few days. You can even get pre made meals they can sometimes have a lot of sodium but do what’s easiest for you. I promise you will have the next week to be a better person!
  5. Drink water! : Lastly drink some H2O. I know you’ve been partying or just relaxing drinking wine, juice, or maybe bc you aren’t at work with a water bottle in front of you at all times you forget to drink water. Make that Monday of opportunity a day to drink a lot of water. Your body will definitely feel the different come time to get ready for work.

I hope these tips are helpful for you all. Leave a comment below if you have tips or tricks for starting your short weeks off on a high note I’d love to have more ideas to add to my life!

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  1. Emily Parker says:

    Hi Arianna, I just wanted to reach out in the comments as I couldn’t find your contact information anywhere on your blog. If you’re open to collabs I’d love to hear from you. I would be awesome if you could get in touch with me directly on emily@blogerize.com and then I could tell you a little more about what I had in mind. Thanks! 🙂


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