Why Fall Is My Favorite Fashion Season!

Hey there!

Is it fall yet? Lord knows I am ready for all of the sweaters and pumpkin spice I can get my hands on. In today’s post we are going to dive into why fall is my favorite fashion season.

First thing first, layering!!! In fall you can change up all of your pieces in your closet by layering them on top of each other. As well as styling them in ways that if you tried to do in summer you’re liable to fall out due to overheating. I’ll definitely be showing you all different ways to layer pieces together that you would have never guessed to in future posts!

Second knitwear is the best thing ever its like wearing a blanket but its a lot more socially acceptable. You can literally get anything in a knit style from a skirt to your most basic of pieces such as a scarf. I love wearing fitted knitted dresses its a quick and easy way to have a complete outfit while being warm and cozy!

Plaid!!! I love wearing plaid and it is definitely a trend I hope continues for a very long time. I own a plaid suit that I love mixing and matching with other things that are in my wardrobe. I suggest finding a plaid blazer or pant that you can wear all of the time by styling with sweaters and doing that fun layering thing I talked about. This way you have tons of outfits at little cost to you and saving money is the name of the game!

Okay so we can’t forget about the footwear. I love a good boot and I do not discriminate I like western boots as well as short booties. With a boot you can wear the simplest outfit and look elevated bc the shoe is the star of the show. All boots are my friends and I am saying it loud and proud!

Overall there are so many great things about fall. All though you can’t go tanning and lounge out by the pool you can snuggle up by a fire and make s’mores. That in itself is a win for me!!

Comment below what your favorite thing about fall is!

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