Fun Easy Affordable Style


Hi there!

Todays post is all about fun style, I love wearing outfits that make me feel good and uplift my mood. Don’t get me wrong I love an all Black outfit but I like to add a pop of color somewhere!


This skirt is great because it has dimension as well as a great print. The fact that the flowers are smaller helps it not be too out there looking, especially because of the added dimension with the layers.


Lastly this skirt is super affordable and was only $30 from Target! Yes, Target because other than Disney World they are the happiest place one Earth. This skirt was actually from their Who What Wear collection. I got it in a size medium, but because I like everything super high waisted I kind of wish that I would have gotten a small.

I hope you all have had a great week so far!

Also let me know below in the comments if you like high waisted pants/ skirts and if so how high because my philosophy is the higher the better!

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