3 Ways to Get Past the Negativity

Hi there!

This move over Monday post isn’t as uplifting as my others, I have been having a rough few days emotionally and I just overall have been feeling uninspired. I didn’t want to let this affect me posting though, because this blog is one goal that I want to achieve!

Last week I had someone, who isn’t even a big part of my life, tell me in the most negative way I have experienced that I am uncapable of achieving a goal that I would like to achieve. Without getting into too much detail lets just say that it really tore me down a little bit and put me in a slump. I know that people’s opinions don’t matter, especially ones of those that aren’t a big part of your life. I guess I am just extra sensitive.

I have been fortunate enough to have had such a supportive group of people in my life that when negativity comes my way I take it a little hard. In this post I want to let you all in into 3 ways I am trying to break through this slump that someone else’s opinion has put me in.

  1. Try and think of other positive things going on in your life!

I have been trying to remember that I have already achieved so many goals I have wanted to accomplish, and have made it through so many different kinds of emotional and physical hardships. This one little thing should not out weigh all of the good. Also my problems are definitely so much smaller than those of others and I have to continually remember that this is not just the poor Arianna show. I have also been trying to find myself in my faith, and turning to the lord is something I am trying to learn how to do more of. Even if that is not your thing finding a person that motivates you is key. When you find that person or thing see if there is a book they have written or maybe a podcast. But having a positive guide can be so helpful!

2. Don’t keep these negative people in your life.

If you are surrounded by negativity it will inevitably rub off on you. If you can try to not spend so much time around those who are always negative you can improve your mood ten fold. If you cant, because maybe its a family member,  try and help them question their own negative thoughts. When you are actively seeking out positivity it can’t help but surround you.

3. Prove them wrong!!!!

Letting that one person be right is not the answer. I am in a slump but if I stay this way I wont ever have the drive to achieve my goals. Someone telling me I can’t or shouldn’t do anything has always sparked my competitiveness. I will always work hard to prove someone wrong!

I just want to say that I know I don’t have all of the answers and I will never claim that I do, but these things are things I have been thinking about all weekend. They have been keeping me going slowly but surely. I just want this post to be helpful to someone who may be having a bad couple of days, because they know they are not the only one’s.

This blog is definitely my way to express positivity and fashion(lets not forget fashion) but its also a way for me to connect with others who I can relate to.

Leave me a comment of different ways you push through the negativity, I could always use additional ideas and would love to here yours!

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  1. butterflies and boundaries says:

    Love this post

    Check my new blog post out 😘


  2. Cindy S. says:

    I have enjoyed reading your blogs. Keep it up!!


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