Pushing past that negative energy!

Hey guys!!

Let me just admit that this Monday wasn’t the best one I’ve had, but I made it work for me! As I write this I am sitting in my pitch black home because the power went out. This is keeping me from posting this later than the late it was already going to be. I am not going to let this put me in a mood and even if this goes up Tuesday so be it!

I’m going to give you my top 3 ways that I pushed through the Monday funk and made it out without being in a bad mood or feeling bad about myself!

The first thing that you have to do is in the words of Nike just do it! You may not want to but do it anyways. Do your workout, meal prep for the week. Do the things that you feel aren’t that important because you are feeling off for the day. Staying in your routine will have you feeling way better especially when it makes the rest of your week go smoothly!

Second treat yourself!!!

If your day isn’t going so well go get your nails done, do a face mask, eat some ice cream. Do something small to make up for all of the crap that happened in your day!

Lastly remember that the small stuff really doesn’t matter. You were able to wake up and have a day so there, it started really good. If your boss yelled at you or you messed up in something it is okay, there is always tomorrow! I felt like I had a lot on my plate today, I was really tired, and was feeling a little bit of anxiety. But hey I’m here writing this post and I feel happy and okay. I was able to finish what I needed to get done, even if it wasn’t in the time I wanted it still got done so #winning.

Remember we all have bad days but it is up to us to remember that it’s all okay. Our days are good or bad only if we let them be. I know these things are self explanatory, but sometimes we all just need a reminder!

Comment below how your day was! Let’s lift each other up!

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