Move over Monday : Surround yourself in positivity on the weekend!

IMG_2873Hey there!

I know its been a while but absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that jazz…

Being that it has been a hot minute I want to make my comeback count. I am going to be starting a series called Move over Monday, I will be posting a new post every Monday on finding ways to beat that start of the week Monday blues. Whether it be with fashion, beauty, health, or that good ole Monday motivation. This series will help me document how I can stay positive at the beginning of the week but I hope it also helps give you all inspiration to push through the start of the week as well!


To start this series off I wanted to talk about the activities you engage in and how that effects how the beginning of the next week goes. I was able to attend the Create & Cultivate Style Summit this weekend, and let me say being around so many boss babes was so inspiring!


The event started with a cocktail party the evening before where I was able to meet seasoned bloggers as well as newbies like myself. It was nice to be surrounded by like minded people and be able to have conversations that didn’t feel forced.

Saturday was where all the fun happened though, with panels lead by amazing women giving amazing useful advice to being able to have a makeover from makeup artists with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics to getting your hair done by the talented stylists from Toni & Guy. They were also serving cocktails which was a great way (I think) for others to open up with each other.

This event was so well executed and in such a unique location at the Houston Galleria. The lighting was amazing and being in the middle of the mall really gave you inspiration as you were getting motivation at the same time.


I was able to network with so many amazing women and this event really had me leaving ready to conquer the world and everything it throws at me! This is why it is the reason I am heading into this week feeling like nobody can steel my thunder not even that good ole Monday blues. Actively surrounding yourself in positivity whether it be people or maybe just doing simple yet fun activities can really set you up for success at the start of the week. I am definitely not saying you need to be going to events every weekend but getting out of the house and meeting new people never hurt nobody!

Hope you all enjoyed this post and comment below what you do to try and beat that Monday funk!

Have a great start to your week… XOXO

Photo credit goes to @christinaaatran

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