Great New Deals!


Beginning today Ulta will be having a love your skin event! Every day until the 28th of January there will be a different product on sale. I wanted to let you guys know as it is the new year and many people want to start a skincare regimen for their new year resolution. I hope this is helpful to you all!

Expect a Haul from me after this event because I expect to make a few purchases myself!

ulta deal .jpg

Comment below with your favorite skincare products I’d love to know what works for you guys so that maybe I could try some new things!

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  1. Hannah says:

    I will tell you in highschool i tried every cleanser and never really liked them so in college my quest began for the perfect regimen!
    Clinique 3 step system is ok nothing special
    -ole henderson was pretty awesome but expensive:/ meant for aging skin so not worth it right now
    -juice beauty was pretty good as well-really loved the milk cleanser and toner and the fact that there arent many chemicals at all in it!
    Olay- with mushroom extract for hydration-awesome deep moisture mask
    Oz naturals(amazon) so far my favorite as it is all natural products! No unnecesary stripping or foaming agents and amazing moisture ingredients! I have not had a break out since trying and my skin does feel better as well! I have the ocean line. Took your advice on doing my gel nails at home and am so happy with it!

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    1. I’m so glad the gel nails worked out for you!
      Thanks for all of the suggestions I have never heard of oz naturals I’ll have to check them out thanks for are your wonderful information on those products it will save me a lot of trouble down the road!


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